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End of School Year News and Notes

On behalf of the Board of Education, thank you to the dedicated staff members who made 2020 successful despite the most unusual of tragedies befalling our country.  And, thank you to our partners at home who assisted in navigating the content gaps, technology hurdles, and who lent a few shoulders to hold the head of … Continued

News and Notes: 4 Bright Spots

It isn’t lost on me that our theme for this year was #BestYearEver. When we chose that theme, it wasn’t a declaration of this being the best year there ever was. It was more of a challenge for all of us to be intentional with our time, to try new things, to push ourselves to … Continued

COVID-19 Shut Down Update for Families

Dear WLPS Families, Last night, in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19),  Governor Whitmer ordered the closure of all K-12 school buildings starting Monday, March 16 through Sunday, April 5. School buildings are scheduled to reopen on Monday, April 6. Starting at the end of the school day today, WLPS is closing … Continued

Let’s Talk About Our Audit…

The 100 plus page document, commonly referred to as the “audit’, always brings about the urge to yawn.  I firmly believe the Executive Summary was developed because accountants knew that going through the entire audit can be a yawner!  But, I will say this about WLPS audits of late: they are full of good news, … Continued

News and Notes 6.2

The season is upon us Deer season? Yes! However, I’ve been too busy to commit to that just yet.  What I am committed to is the season of giving. Having just spent a good chunk of my month in China (I’ll share more in another blog as to why I was there), I returned to … Continued

News and Notes: 6.1

Greatest Year Ever A teacher was joking with me by pointing out, “If this is the greatest year ever, then what do you call next year?”  Those teachers…they’re a funny bunch at times.  Perhaps the “greatest year ever” is a bit hyperbolic, but, for sure, this year is filled with greatness worthy of celebration. From … Continued

Diving Deeper: Spring Athletics

The spring rains brought the greenest and most beautiful grass…however, it also provided us unplayable fields for baseball and softball and extremely cold and wet conditions for golf and track. Regardless of the weather, there was plenty to be proud of for the Spring season in Trojan territory. BASEBALL: When interviewing new head coach Scott … Continued

News and Notes: 5.5

2019-2020 Calendar Below is a link to the calendar for the upcoming school year.  The big change? We are starting before Labor Day. I understand letting parents know this late in the year is upsetting to some.  I do apologize for not getting the completed calendar out to all our stakeholders sooner. Why change?  WLPS … Continued

Diving Deeper: A Student’s Perspective

When some people hear the name Whitmore Lake they say, “I’ve never heard of that,” or “Where is that?” When I hear the name Whitmore Lake, I immediately think that’s my school, and I’m proud to go there. I have been a student at Whitmore Lake Public Schools my whole life. I’ve never known anywhere … Continued

Diving Deeper: Technology Update

With the help of our community and their support for Whitmore Lake Public Schools, the first year of sinking fund technology updates is well underway. This is an exciting time for our district. Most of the classroom technology is old and will not support updates in 2020, so this is where our focus begins. All … Continued

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