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Whitmore Lake Public Schools Facilities Are for the Community

The Whitmore Lake Public Schools Board of Education recognizes that Whitmore Lake Public Schools facilities are for the community to use. That’s why we encourage the use of our facilities by organizations whose goals are to contribute to the development of the Whitmore Lake school district and community.

Renting Facilities at Whitmore Lake Public Schools

Whitmore Lake Public Schools is happy to offer our facilities for rental. Whether your dance company needs the theater for a recital, your association needs the media room for a meeting, your organization needs the gym for an event, or you need the pool for a private party, renting facilities at Whitmore Lake Public Schools is straightforward and easy. The facilities available are:

  • Theater
  • Gymnasium
  • Media Center
  • Pool
  • And More!
An overhead shot of the WLCR community pool.

Rules and Regulations for Facilities of Whitmore Lake Public Schools

Facilities are available to be used for the entertainment and education of adults and children, as well as for important discussions pertaining to the development of personal character and civil welfare. But while facilities are open to the public under the Board of Education’s discretion, it’s important to respect the rules and regulations that have been carefully thought out and thoroughly explained in the Facility Use Guidelines document below in order to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for Whitmore Lake Public Schools facilities.

Facility Reservation Policy

Fee Schedule

Submit Rental Request

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