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WLPS is results-driven, committed to using tax-payer dollars as efficiently and effectively as possible to meet the needs of the school district and community as demonstrated by use of the 2018 Sinking Fund and 2019 Community Recreation millage.

Sinking Fund UpdatesWLCR Millage Updates

About the Sinking Fund Millage

On August 7, 2018, the Whitmore Lake community supported the renewal of the 2016 three-year 1.0 mill Sinking Fund and extended it for 10 more years. It was estimated to produce approximately $350,000 per year allowing the district to check many needs off the list while protecting the General Fund budget. The Sinking Fund has since eroded to 0.9458 mills.

Student teach class


The Sinking Fund has been essential to providing and maintaining district and classroom technology necessary to meet our student’s learning needs. It allowed our district to go 1-1 preparing us for COVID remote learning and funded a technology replacement plan to ensure we are proactively providing high-quality technology to aid in student learning and meeting our staff’s instructional needs year after year.

Highlights include:

  • Smart Boards in every classroom
  • Updated and high-quality computers for teachers and staff
  • Student devices: every student and/or classroom are provided age-appropriate devices to aid in learning
  • Digital signs at all campuses: broken signs replaced with high-quality digital signs to keep the school community informed
Construction site

Safety and Security

Safety and Security is paramount and the Sinking Fund has been essential in making integral safety and security upgrades.

Highlights include:

  • Redesigned Middle/High School entrance requiring visitors to enter into a vestibule instead of accessing the building right upon entry
  • New security camera system installed district-wide
  • Smartboot Security & Alert System installed district-wide to improve classroom and building lockdown security
Parking lot

Facility Repair & Maintenance

We want the quality of our school facilities to match the quality of education we know we provide. We know it has a positive impact on learning, on teacher retention, and on property values. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, for every $1 spent on school funding, property values increase by nearly $20. We have put the Sinking Fund to good work getting the biggest impact for the dollars available.

Highlights include:

  • District-wide HVAC & mechanical repairs
  • District-wide internal & external lighting repairs
  • District-wide drinking fountain bottle filler stations
  • WLES parking lot replacement
  • WLES playground: while we received grant funding and large community donations, the project still required a large amount of Sinking Fund dollars to address drainage issues and to help in purchasing and installing playground equipment
  • Elementary walk-in freezer
  • WLHS track re-striping
  • WLHS gym floor refinishing
  • WLHS baseball scoreboard & batting cage
  • WLHS shot put & discus area replacement
  • WLHS parking lot select are replacement
  • WLHS Theater bleacher seating (installed summer 2024)

Future Projects

The district will continue to leverage Sinking Fund dollars to maintain district facilities as effectively as possible. Upcoming priorities include:

  • Technology: Student and staff devices and instructional technology replacement plan
  • Safety & Security: Complete Smartboot Security & Alert System installation
  • Facility Repair & Maintenance: Theater accordion seating replacement

Financial Transparency


How is the Sinking Fund Spent in Each Priority Area since 2018?

WLCR Millage logo

About the Community Rec Millage

Whitmore Lake Community Recreation is committed to providing residents of all ages in Whitmore Lake, and the surrounding areas, with affordable opportunities to get active, learn new skills, make new friends, and have fun. They are also committed to operating at no loss, ensuring the department and its facilities are not a burden to the local school district. The Community Recreation millage was at a rate of 0.6200 mills when originally passed in 2003. It had eroded to 0.5883 mills in 2018/2019. The erosion of the millage rate and aging facilities made the “no loss” commitment extremely challenging. For reference, in 2019, more than $160,000, 80% of the original millage, was spent on utility and chemical costs for the pool. The Board of Education approved an increase to 1.0 mill for 10 years, and the voters supported it on August 6, 2019. It has currently eroded to 0.9601 mills in 2023. The increase brings in an average $174,000 additionally annually. We communicated to voters the additional funds would be used to:

  • Reduce energy use
  • Increase community access & use
  • Repair & maintain facilities

Project Overview

While COVID, inflation and staffing changes changed our initial timeline, we have completed the following projects:

At Work poster

Completed Projects:

  • Reduce Energy Use
    • Replace pool covers
    • Install pool motor variable-frequency drive
  • Increase Community Access & Use
    • Installed basketball court at WLES
    • Purchase spectator bleachers for swim team meets
  • Repair & Maintain Facilities
    • Repaired elevator
    • Replaced air duct system
    • Drained and replaced pool water
    • Replaced baseball & softball field dugouts
    • Purchased field maintenance vehicle
    • Replaced pool heater
    • Replaced entire pool filtration system
Children swimming in pool

Ongoing Projects:

  • Increase Community Access & Use
    • Free Open Swim
      • While the schedule was reduced replacing low-attended weeknight open swims with growing programs like high school and youth swim team, WLCR continues to host weekend open swims and a variety of free community events and programs at no-cost to residents such as Water Safety Day, Boo Bash and Splash, paddle boarding, bike ride groups, adult swim lessons and more.
    • Weight room access
      • Increased public access to current high school weight room through Trojan Fit Club classes.
  • Repair & Maintain Facilities
    • Replacing pool starting blocks – completed May 2024
    • Repairing pool deck tile as needed

Future Projects

  • Increase Community Access & Use
    • While the original intent was to install lighted basketball courts at Jennings Athletic Complex & Park, in an effort to diversify recreation options and meet the community needs, we will be seeking community input on what our next steps should be.
  • Repair & Maintain Facilities
    • Jennings walking track renovation: TBD
    • Film tower demolition: Spring/Summer 2024
  • Baseball & Softball Field Fencing Repair & Replacement: TBD
  • Pool dehumidification unit replacement: TBD

Community Feedback

“As a person who has been going to the pool from the beginning, I’ve appreciated seeing the work done to fix and upkeep the facility. As an older person dealing with arthritis, the use of the pool has kept me able to move and do things easier. When my now adult grandchildren were learning to swim, the pool made it easier than the lake, but gave them an essential skill to be safer when they did swim in the lake.  For the older folks, the pool is important for lap swimmers and water exercisers. It can also be a place to have family fun together. So all ages can be blessed by using the pool in many ways.”

– Nancy Reichenbach

“As an elderly exercise fitness enthusiast, I really enjoy the pool! The facility is well taken care of and the guards are quite helpful. Thanks for making this available to the community, it’s a tremendous resource! “

– Ed Wojtys

WLPS Millage Contact Form

If you have any questions, suggestions, or general comments about the Sinking Fund or WLCR Millage, please use the form below to contact WLPS directly. Thank you!

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