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Criteria for Determining a Specific Learning Disability

With consideration of federal guidelines and state requirements, specific learning disability eligibility is evaluated using a pattern of strengths and weaknesses. This method is based on the assessment and review of achievement scores as well as performance in a variety of academic areas, with documentation of a pattern of strengths in one or more areas as compared to other areas where the student demonstrates a pattern of significant academic weaknesses. Criteria for determining a Specific Learning Disability (SLD) for students in all buildings and all grades in the district and include the following:

  • Grade-Level Standards

    The student does not achieve adequately for the student’s age or meet State approved grade-level standards in one or more of the areas identified at 34CFR 300.309(a) (1) (i) when provided with learning experiences and instruction appropriate for the student’s age or State approved grade-level standards.
  • Evaluations and Reevaluations

    The student exhibits a pattern of strengths and weaknesses in performance, achievement, or both relative to age, State approved grade-level standards or intellectual development, which is determined by the Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team to be relevant to the identification of SLD, using appropriate assessments, consistent with the IDEA (Identification of Specific Learning Disabilities) Evaluation Procedures and Additional Requirements for Evaluations and Reevaluations.
  • Attendance

    Attendance and exposure to appropriate educational opportunities will continue to be a factor of relevance.

To learn more about the Department of Special Education at WLPS, please contact Melissa Heuker, Director of Student Services, at, or call 734-449-4464 ext. 5009.

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