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Choice = Opportunity

Trojan Pride is… Family

Whitmore Lake is The Exceptional, Personalized School of Choice

School of Choice opens on February 19, 2024 for the 2024/2025 School Year 

Whitmore Lake Public Schools is proud to offer unique school options for students K-12 in and out of the Whitmore Lake district. With an inclusive culture that fosters personalized education and next-level education readiness, our Elementary School, Middle School, and High School are exceptional choices.

Want a Personal Tour During the School Day or After School Hours?

Contact or 734.449.4461 x5008

Why Choose Whitmore Lake Public Schools?

A Safe Learning Environment

Our tight-knit community of staff and parents are committed to creating a safe learning environment through stringent security protocols.

Small Class Sizes

Our classes are about 20% smaller than competing schools, allowing more one-on-one attention from our teachers for our students.

A College Readiness Culture

This has resulted in a 97% graduation rate and our graduates going to the top Michigan colleges and universities.

Varied Curriculum

Students can explore different interests such as Performing & Applied Arts, Literature, Sciences, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Business & Tech, and Physical Education.

Bigger isn’t Always Better

Our 7th-12th grade format, with grades separated by 7th-8th and 9th-12th, reduces 9th grade failure rates.

WLPS is our Family

Your child isn’t just a number here. We know all our students on a first-name basis, and we care for them like our own at WLPS.


Whether in the classroom or on the field, WLPS is proud to offer our students the resources and opportunity to get involved and succeed. Every student is different, but our teachers, coaches, and staff are committed to helping each student identify his/her strengths to get the most out of his/her time at WLPS. This is so important to us because we have seen how this makes a positive impact on the future of each student.

Positive Behavior

To encourage a safer and more effective environment at our elementary school, we implement the Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS) program. This program is an elementary school-wide approach to expectations for behavior in and out of school to facilitate a calm environment, conducive to learning. All of these factors put together create a safe and caring environment, where our students truly thrive.

Download Positive Behavior Brochure

Our Culture Makes
the Difference!

Now Accepting School of Choice Applications for Grades K-12

Enroll Today

Step 1

Parent/Legal Guardian needs to complete the application and sign on the appropriate line. (If the parent/legal guardian is requesting participation in the Inter-District School of Choice Program for more than one student in the family, a separate application form should be completed for each student.)

Step 2

If you have any questions or would like assistance with the Inter-District School of Choice Program, please contact Tom DeKeyser, Superintendent at (734) 449-4464.

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