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Choice = Opportunity

School of Choice

Whitmore Lake is The Exceptional, Personalized  School of Choice

Schools of Choice programs allow for students to enroll in a school within, and sometimes outside of, the district they live. Whitmore Lake Public Schools is proud to offer unique school options for students K-12 in and out of the Whitmore Lake district. With an inclusive culture that fosters personalized education and next-level education readiness, our Elementary School, Middle School, and High School, are exceptional choices.

We work hard to serve our families well, regardless of what district they live in. We have created an environment where our students feel safe, successful, and included throughout their entire academic experience. School of Choice prevents exclusion of students based on residence, income level, and other prohibitive factors.

Your Adventure Begins - WLPS School of Schoice

Why Choose Whitmore Lake Public Schools?

Our smaller enrollment size and plain-to-see inclusive culture is what makes Whitmore Lake Public Schools special. Our faculty gets to know students well, enabling them to help each student learn in their own way and succeed in personal development. In Elementary School, children are at an age where being in the right type environment is extremely important to personal development. Individual learning plans are available for fifth and sixth graders to provide flexibility in each individual’s academic journey.

Now Accepting Applications - WLPS School of Schoice

To encourage a safer and more effective school environment, we implement the Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS) program. This program is a school-wide approach to expectations for behavior in and out of school to facilitate a calm environment, conducive to learning. All of these factors put together create a safe and caring environment, where our students truly thrive.

Download Positive Behavior Brochure

Some students in the district choose to go elsewhere, with the perception of "bigger is better". Many times this is because parents don't want their 6th grade students moving to our Secondary School. Grades 7th-12th take place in the Secondary School, however are separated by grades 7th-8th and 9th-12th. While it may seem intimidating to some, it actually helps reduce 9th grade failure by preparing younger grades for the High School environment. Not only that, but our entire Secondary School fosters a culture of college readiness, which results in our graduates going to the top Michigan colleges and Universities.

2014 Graduation Rate
Scholarships awarded to our students last year

We're proud to provide a unique curriculum, which stretches wide and covers interesting subjects in the Performing & Applied Arts, Literature, Sciences, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Business & Tech, and Physical Education categories. This allows for students to follow and explore different interests for high levels of individual development. The culture at our Secondary School is full of school spirit, lacking in stereotypes and cliques, and encouraging of success in all academic aspects. We feel that this fully prepares our students for next-level education.

Whitmore Lake Public Schools Is Accredited by AdvancED

Did you know Whitmore Lake Public Schools is accredited by AdvancED? AdvanceED has accredited only 82 of 550 Michigan school districts, and WLPS has been one of this select few since spring of 2014. Being accredited by AdvancED means that WLPS demonstrates high levels of student performance or improvements of student performance. It also means that we’re recognized across our country as a high quality school system.

Meets High Quality Standards
Continually Implementing Improvements
Nationally Recognized Status

Step 1

Parent/Legal Guardian needs to complete the application and sign on the appropriate line. (If the parent/legal guardian is requesting participation in the Inter-District School of Choice Program for more than one student in the family, a separate application form should be completed for each student.)

Step 2

Mail or drop off the completed application to the Whitmore Lake Public Schools Superintendent’s Office, 8845 Main Street, Whitmore Lake, Michigan 48189. Applications are due no later than Friday August 24, 2018. There will not be any applications accepted beyond the deadline.

Step 3

If you have any questions or would like assistance with the Inter-District School of Choice Program, please contact Tom DeKeyser, Superintendent at (734) 449-4464.

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