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WISD Resources

Washtenaw Intermediate School District Resources

As the parent or guardian of a student participating in a special education program or service at Whitmore Lake Public Schools, you can find beneficial information regarding special education via these Washtenaw Intermediate School District resources.

Important Information About Special Education in Washtenaw County

  • Implementing Services

    The Washtenaw ISD Special Education department directly implements services for approximately 300 students with significant and low-incidence disabilities from birth to 26 years old, and court involved youth.
  • Transition Services

    Young adults often benefit from transition services from the school, ISD, or other community agency.
  • Assistive Technology

    Public school districts in Washtenaw County have adopted a common process for considering the need for assistive technology.
  • Parent Advisory Committee

    Washtenaw ISD hosts a Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) every month. For more information on these meetings and supports, click here.
  • Parent Handbook

    The PAC has published a Parent Handbook and Procedural Safeguards Notice.
  • Resources

    The WISD PAC provides this list of resources for your use, but does not endorse any organization or website.
  • Medicaid School Based Services

    In Michigan, the Medicaid School Based Services program provides partial reimbursement for services such as occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, psychological services, social work services, orientation and mobility services, transportation, nursing services, case management and assistive technology services.
  • Early On/Early Intervention

    Early On is the State of Michigan Early Intervention Program for children age 0-3. To learn more, visit WISD Early Intervention.
  • MDE Alternate Assessments

    The Interactive Decision-Making Tool helps Individualized Education Program (IEP) teams determine if a student should take the general (M-STEP/MME) or alternate assessment (MI-Acess).

To learn more about the Department of Special Education at WLPS, please contact Melissa Heuker, Director of Student Services, at, or call 734-449-4464 ext. 4013.

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