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Why Choose WLPS

Whitmore Lake Public Schools Is the Exceptional Choice in Education

Whitmore Lake Public Schools is an exceptional learning institute that works towards high achievement and individuality in a community environment. Being on the smaller side, our staff gets to know each student personally, allowing them to tailor teaching styles to students and provide opportunities to help them excel. Your student will never be at a Whitmore Lake Public School where the staff doesn’t know their name. The staff really cares about their students’ achievement, safety, and education, meaning they will work hard to make their success happen.

Whitmore Lake Public Schools Is an Inclusive Community

A true sense of school spirit lives in Whitmore Lake Public Schools and its students. The smaller district lends itself to a warm, friendly, and safe environment. We aim to create an inclusive community by welcoming students from outside the district to attend WLPS. You’ll find there are no cliques or stereotypes in WLPS, which makes it easy for a new student to fit right in. We meet each student’s needs and go beyond expectations to make students feel this is the right place to be.

Programs & Options for a Unique Education 

Whitmore Lake Public Schools wants students to excel in their education, and we work hard to make this level of success possible. Each student is unique and may have different interests outside of the core curriculum. Our staff works with individual’s needs to make that unique education happen. Unique course offerings and the ability to work around the core curriculum based on individual taste truly makes WLPS one of a kind. We also provide a variety of programs for a well-rounded and inclusive education, which readies students for post-secondary education.

Whitmore Lake Public Schools Values High Achievement, Safety, and More

Whitmore Lake Public Schools puts high achievement at the top of its list of values. We believe in making it to the top, which is why we gather and provide resources for each individual’s needs. Our graduates go on to the same top five universities as the larger school districts in the area. We prepare students for success in the classroom and beyond through a strong advanced placement curriculum, strong community ties, and leveraging resource needed to succeed.

With a bright future ahead of our students, we want safety and well being for all. Safety comes in many forms, including: physical, emotional, and mental. Together with our students, we aim for a community environment, which lends to helping each other out and supporting all types of safety for each individual. The welcoming student body, warm and helpful staff, procedures, and length of resources allow us to account for each student’s well being across the board. The future is bright at Whitmore Lake Public Schools.

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