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Easy Transportation


Transportation to Whitmore Lake Public Schools

Getting to school is the first step in your student’s education success. We provide buses to the Elementary and Middle & High schools, plus transfer buses from the Middle School for walkers for your student’s convenience. For any questions, please contact the Transportation Dispatcher, Sheryl Webber at 734-449-4463.

21/22 Bus Routes

Important Transportation Reminders

  • All students are required to wear face masks on school buses.
    • A student without a mask will be given a disposable mask.  A student refusing to use a mask will not be allowed to utilize our buses for transportation.
  • It is expected that riders from the same household sit together. 
  • All high school walkers need to go to the old Middle School ( bus drop off area in the morning for the transfer bus to the high school.
  • Transfer buses leave at 7:01 a.m.
  • High school students will be shuttled back to the Middle School drop off area at dismissal time.
  • Your student may ride a different bus in the AM for pick up than they do in the PM for drop off.
  • Please look carefully at the routes for the most suitable AM and PM buses for your student.
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