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How to Choose the Right Kindergarten Program
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Choosing the right kindergarten to kick off your child's academic career is both exciting...and nerve-racking. Our free guide has 12 helpful tips you need to navigate the process, and make the best decision possible for your family!


Would Your Child Benefit from Junior Kindergarten?

Junior Kindergarten is a bridge between preschool and kindergarten. This program provides children with time to develop foundational academic and social-emotional skills needed for success in school through play-based curriculum in an age and developmentally appropriate setting. Available for families who have a student who is eligible to attend kindergarten based on age, but could benefit from more time to develop emotionally, socially, and/or academically before experiencing the rigor involved in a traditional Kindergarten classroom. 

Junior Kindergarten is a great option for children who: 

  • -Have June 1st-December 1st birthdays
  • -Haven’t had formal school before
  • -Have developmental delays
  • -Could benefit from a stronger foundation to start kindergarten successfully 

Enrollment Resources – Whitmore Lake Kindergarten

To get your student enrolled in kindergarten at Whitmore Lake Elementary School, please click the button below to begin your online enrollment. Once you’ve completed the enrollment forms, we use them as resources so the caring teachers at WLES can determine what level your child is at developmentally so they can best meet his or her needs in the classroom.

Whitmore Lake Kindergarten: This Is Our Family

Experience the Difference– Kindergarten at Whitmore Lake Elementary School

Some of the most important moments in your child’s development happen while at school. As parents ourselves, we understand the desire to send your child somewhere that’s comfortable and safe, yet challenging for their minds. Helping students learn and grow, beyond what even they thought they were capable of, is what we do best at Whitmore Lake Public Schools. Our unique and well-praised kindergarten program at WLES is no different. Our small class sizes are by design and allow us to place a strong focus on providing a personalized education to each student. The caring staff at WLES meets each student where he or she is at developmentally to facilitate his or her growth. Additionally, our curriculum allows our staff to branch out from traditional teaching methods to develop critical thinking and creativity. Because of these factors, you’ll find our students flourish in traditional education subjects like math and reading, but also in music, art, and physical education. However, it is our tight-knit, inclusive, family-like community that really makes the difference. By sending your child to Whitmore Lake Elementary School, you can be confident they’re in a place where he or she is known, cared for, and supported.

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“[Studies] demonstrate that students who are assigned to smaller classes in grades K-3rd do better in every way that can be measured: they score higher on tests, receive better grades, and exhibit improved attendance.”

– U.S. Department of Education

WHY Kindergarten at Whitmore Lake?

Small Class Sizes

Our classes are about 20% smaller than competing schools, allowing more one-on-one attention from our teachers for our students.

Step-by-Step Learning

Our cohesive curriculum develops strong math, reading, and writing skills in kindergarten and builds on them each following school year.

A Well-Rounded Curriculum

In addition to our foundational learning courses, our students also experience music, art, and physical education classes.

A Safe Learning Environment

Our tight-knit community of staff and parents are committed to creating a safe learning environment through stringent security protocols.

Support Every Aspect of Learning

Parent involvement is strongly encouraged, and our active PTO provides a built-in school family and support network.

WLES Is Our Family

Your child isn’t just a number here. We know all our students on a first-name basis, and we care for them like our own at WLES.

Make the Right Choice for Your Child’s Future!


Our Curriculum

Literacy- Reading and writing are critical skills that we help our students incrementally grow over time. At the beginning of the school year, we work with our students to tell stories through pictures and then develop their vocabulary and ability to write full sentences throughout the year.

Math- Math is an important, foundational building block of education at WLES. Our cohesive K-6 math curriculum begins in kindergarten by teaching our students addition, subtraction, and other math skills through fun and engaging methods.

Art & Music- Inspiring young minds through creativity is incredibly beneficial to their overall education and growth. At Whitmore Lake, our kindergartners get daily opportunities to make arts and crafts, sing, dance, play instruments, and much more to cultivate a fun and well-rounded learning experience.

Social-Emotional Learning- Learning how to interact with the world is an important first step in early childhood education. Each day, our students work on communicating, managing emotions, interacting with their classmates and teachers, showing empathy for others, problem-solving, and following classroom rules and routines.


“Students in smaller classes perform better in all subjects and on all assessments when compared to their peers in larger classes. In smaller classes, students tend to be as much as one to two months ahead in content knowledge, and they score higher on standardized assessments.”

– National Council of Teachers of English

Get to Know Our Caring Kindergarten Teachers

Lori Milliman

Ms. Milliman has been teaching for 11 years, five of those years at WLES. She grew up in Whitmore Lake, loves the community and loves teaching kindergarten as she see it as such an important year for kids to develop a love for learning. She loves being a part of a team that cares about all students and where everyone plays crucial roles in providing each child what they need to be successful students

Annika Helber

Ms. Helber is excited to be teaching junior kindergarten at WLES. Before working in Whitmore Lake, Ms. Helber taught outdoor education for six years and preschool in Salt Lake City for one year. She is happy to be back in Michigan and a part of the tight-knit community of Whitmore Lake. Ms. Helber hopes each one of her students finds joy in learning and leaves with a strong foundation of skills to help them be successful in future years.

Jaclyn Taylor

Before becoming a kindergarten teacher, Ms. Taylor taught at the Whitmore Lake ECC where she was able to experience the WLES kindergarten program and the caring environment first hand. She jumped at the first chance to become a part of it herself. Ms. Taylor finds that the most rewarding part of being a kindergarten teacher is helping her students develop the skills they will use for the rest of their lives.

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