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Whitmore Lake Elementary School

Experience the Difference of Kindergarten at WLPS


Whitmore Lake Elementary School Offers a Unique Education Experience

Whitmore Lake Elementary School offers a unique educational experience to its students. With less than 500 students enrolled in Whitmore Lake Elementary School, it’s very easy for teachers to truly understand the children they’re teaching and mentoring. Our elementary school extends the idea of a unique and customized education to courses available outside of the core curriculum. Some of the unique courses we offer include art, music, physical education, and more for Pre-K through 2nd grade.

Whitmore Lake Elementary School is proud to be ahead of the curve and wants its students to be, too! 5th and 6th Graders will now follow a student-centered schedule based on the Middle and High School schedule. Students will attend school from 7:50am-2:35pm and ride the buses with Middle and High School students, providing a first-hour block dedicated to Project Based Learning with access to all school technology. It’s our goal to provide 5th and 6th graders a more traditional schedule, help ease their transition from Elementary School, and provide more flexibility for students to move within 5th and 6th grade levels according to their strengths.

School Hours

K-4th - 8:50am - 3:35pm
5th & 6th - 7:50am - 2:35pm
K-4th: 8:50AM - 12:05PM
5th & 6th: 7:50AM - 11:05AM

Encouraging the Path of Growth at Whitmore Lake Elementary School

If students are excelling in particular subject areas, Whitmore Lake Elementary School strongly encourages students to move into more challenging educational arenas in order to help them continue their path of growth. We offer individual learning plans for students in the fifth and sixth grades that provide flexibility in their academic journey and prevent limitations of growth and learning based on a student’s age or grade.

  • Small Classroom Sizes
  • Individual Learning Plans
  • No Limitations on Growth

Student and Parent Involvement at Whitmore Lake Elementary

We believe schools should create atmospheres that promote in-class learning, but also before and after school programs to extend a culture of excellence beyond the classroom. That’s why we strongly encourage student and parent involvement at Whitmore Lake Elementary School through programs such as PBIS, PTO, an after school Kids Club, and after schools programs in community recreation.

At Whitmore Lake Elementary School, you can expect an educational environment centered on inclusion, personalized education, and the continuous encouragement of individuals’ growth both inside and out of the classroom.

Contact Our WLES Teaching Staff

We believe in student and parent involvement beyond the classroom, because working towards success doesn’t just take place at school. Whether it be questions on a project, homework confusion, or questions about the student’s performance or behavior in the classroom, we want you to be able to get answers directly! Here you can find teacher contact information including emails, phone numbers, and extensions where you can reach the teacher you’re looking for.

Contact Our WLES Staff

Kids Club Before and After School Program at Whitmore Lake Elementary

The Kids Club before and after school program of Whitmore Lake Elementary School is a unique opportunity for students in Kindergarten through the sixth grade who need a safe and encouraging environment to stay while they wait for their parents or guardians who may need to work earlier or later than usual.

Kids Club Details

Student Activities at Whitmore Lake Elementary School

Whitmore Lake Elementary Student Activities promote growth, learning, and engagement for each participating student regardless of age or grade! Young students looking for an activity to grow their mind can choose from the unique programs listed below.

  • Peer Mentors
  • Student Council
  • Safeties
  • Builders Club
  • Girls on the Run
  • WLMS Drama
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