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WLPS Return to Learn Update

Tom DeKeyser, Superintendent and WLMS/HS Principal

Good Evening,

Last week I shared components of the Governor’s Return to School Roadmap, which allows for the reopening of schools in Phase 4.  (Link to Letter)

Currently, my staff and I are developing our Return to Learn plan for Board of Education (BOE) approval early in August.  The BOE and I reviewed and discussed portions of the plan at the July 13 meeting.  You can review an outline of what I presented to the BOE HERE.  I will make myself available next week for a Q and A with parents via Zoom and try to answer any of your questions or address your concerns.  (Zoom Meeting Wednesday, July 22 at 11:00 AM)

A hot topic I’ve been working on this week is remote learning options.  Specifically,  parents have asked if an online-only option for this school year will be made available.   (This option would not require a student to come into any building.)  WLPS does currently have a Virtual Academy, which is contracted through Oakland Schools. You remain in WLPS for enrollment purposes but it is a year-long commitment.   Transferring back to in-person instruction is not an option.  What I would recommend, if you are interested in doing online school this year, is to wait for the WLPS version as it will provide better flexibility.  The WLPS remote learning plan is being developed in conjunction with our ISD.  I will share more information on this topic in the coming weeks.

Finally, a couple of reminders and reinforcements:

  • Online registration for NEW STUDENTS, K-12, begins this week. Head to starting Friday to register new students.  (Example – Kindergarten)
  • Registration for current students re-enrolling will be made available in August.
  • MASKS.  Please comply with mask requirements.  I don’t always like to wear mine but would like to be in Phase 5 in August.  Therefore, I’m wearing it diligently.

I remain committed to providing safe, personalized education to the students of Whitmore Lake.  Each week brings a new set of challenges but I am inspired by the intelligent and dedicated employees who are contributing to the solutions to the problems we are encountering.

Tom DeKeyser


One response to “WLPS Return to Learn Update

  1. Hello. I saw that if someone is tested positive that anyone who has been in contact with them for 15 minutes will be asked to self quarantine for 14 day. Is there a data sheet to record how long kids are with out her kids? Of example when kids play around in the bathroom. Also will there be assigned seats on the bus to help with who is with who?
    And speaking about the bussing, will there be less kids on the bus ?My child mentions that sometimes her bus is so crowded that there is 3 to a seat. If there is a team and parents are included to help this implementation please let me know. I am interested.

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