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News and Notes 6.2

The season is upon us Deer season? Yes! However, I’ve been too busy to commit to that just yet.  What I am committed to is the season of giving. Having … Continued

News and Notes: 6.1

Greatest Year Ever A teacher was joking with me by pointing out, “If this is the greatest year ever, then what do you call next year?”  Those teachers…they’re a funny … Continued

Diving Deeper: Spring Athletics

The spring rains brought the greenest and most beautiful grass…however, it also provided us unplayable fields for baseball and softball and extremely cold and wet conditions for golf and track. … Continued

News and Notes: 5.5

2019-2020 Calendar Below is a link to the calendar for the upcoming school year.  The big change? We are starting before Labor Day. I understand letting parents know this late … Continued

Alumni Spotlight

In lieu of News and Notes today, head to our Facebook page for a LIVE Alumni Spotlight with 1986 WLHS graduate Michelle Rogers. She is currently the National Manager for … Continued

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