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News and Notes

News and Notes: 5.2

WLPS Financial Update Last month the WLPS Board of Education was presented with another “clean” audit from our accounting firm.  This audit was an affirmation of accurate enrollment predictions, good bookkeeping and consistent decision making relative to maintaining revenues and expenditures.   There are many measurements which go into earning a clean audit.  One, in … Continued

Diving Deeper: Holiday Support Resource Guide

To view the video associated with this resource list head HERE Our panel: Preschool and WLES Social Worker Amber Masterson, (734) 449-2051 x1036, amber.masterson@wlps.net WLECC Family Service Worker Charlie Basham, (734) 449-4464 ext. 4001, charlie.basham@wlps.net WLMS/HS Social Worker, Maura Zindler, (734) 449-4461 ext. 3009, maura.zindler@wlps.net For families in need of assistance around the holidays.  Thanksgiving meal Northfield Human … Continued

Diving Deeper: Top 10 in 10

Guest Contributor: Melissa Heuker, Director of Students Services Much like Whitmore Lake Public Schools, Michigan’s Department of Education (MDE) has also completed a strategic planning cycle with the goal of becoming one of the top 10 education states in the country within the next 10 years.  Currently, Michigan is ranked 36th based on student achievement … Continued

News and Notes: 5.1

Why do I need to know this?   I hear the comment, “Why do I need to know this?” I hear it most often in math classes like algebra and geometry. These classes are hard for many students and are oftentimes met with resistance.  Overcoming this resistance, in part, relies on knowing why math is … Continued

Diving Deeper: Technology Update

Guest Contributor: Karen Sterzik, CTE Teacher and District Technology Coordinator Technology seems to always be a topic of discussion for school districts, and Whitmore Lake is not any different. While we have been fortunate in the past to have received grants and donations, it is now time to step up our game and fully integrate … Continued

Diving Deeper: Social Emotional Learning at WLPS

Getting “It” Done! I believe no other PreK-12 educational organization works harder than WLPS.  As a superintendent, part of my job is to place work in front of people and set goals for completion.  As you can imagine, there are times when our staff isn’t happy about the work. But, nobody turns their backs on … Continued

News and Notes: Special Sinking Fund Edition

Keep Up The Momentum I saw the excavator lift the first scoops of asphalt from the WLES parking lot this morning.  Shortly after that project started, a crew was onsite to start the playground demolition. Wow, I thought.  Yesterday, the lot was full of cars and the playground loaded with kids. Today, a whole new … Continued

News and Notes: 4.23

School’s Out…For Summer The great thing about a blog is you get to look back and read all the great stuff our schools do from the start of the year to the end. Ten News and Notes which I think tell the story of Whitmore Lake Public Schools the best for the 2017/2018 school year … Continued

News and Notes: 4.22

Special Spring Sports Edition Guest Blogger: Brad McCormack Athletic Director I can simply sum up the spring season with this: Today, there is a chance of sunshine or clouds, unseasonably hot or maybe freezing temps, a chance of rain and wind, snow possible, or hail, or even something that will fall from the sky that … Continued

News and Notes: 4.21

An Exciting Board Meeting! If you have ever watched a board meeting, you are scratching your head with the title of this week’s blog.  Board meetings are seldom celebrated for their entertainment value.  What made the May 11 meeting so much fun?  I can think of three reasons. The Board presented lifetime athletic passes to Bill … Continued

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