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News and Notes

News and Notes: 4.23

School’s Out…For Summer

The great thing about a blog is you get to look back and read all the great stuff our schools do from the start of the year to the end. Ten News and Notes which I think tell the story of Whitmore Lake Public Schools the best for the 2017/2018 school year are below.

Have a great summer. A quick message to the kids of WLPS: Go to the library. Get a book. Get two books and make somebody in your family read with you.

To the rest of the WLPS community, make this summer a great summer to be a Trojan!.

  1. 4.3: Academic Programs
  2. 4.12: Mr. Peace Assembly
  3. 4.4: Mandarin
  4. 4.19 Strategic Planning and New Sinking Fund
  5. Between Two Terns: Karolyn Wagner
  6. Between Two Terns: Drew Pfister
  7. 4.8 and 4.17: WLFEE Grants
  8. 4.18: Emily Griffin: Alumni Spotlight
  9. 4.4: Sinking Fund Progress
  10. 4.16: Response and Reflection

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