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Return to Learn Zoom Q and A

If you were unable to attend the Return to Learn Zoom Q and A with Superintendent Tom DeKeyser, you can check it out below. Still have a question you would like answered? Email Tom DeKeyser at

2 responses to “Return to Learn Zoom Q and A

  1. I hope this virus is gone for the most part by August because I really don’t like the 3 or 4 to a bus seat in such close closed quarters. I have an auto immune disease and have worked diligently to keep sickness at bay all the time not just now but these times are scary.. One more thing my daughter had some teachers giving large numbers of assignments and she struggled to keep up then the other day SHE got an email asking HER if she wanted to keep her grades that she already had on Power school or take a pass or (I don’t remember the other) now I think this email should have NOT just gone to her to decide but to her parents as well.

    1. Hi Paula, as Mr. DeKeyser stated, more information on how the guidelines will be addressed with transportation are coming, and we understand your concern. We will pass your feedback onto our high school academic team. You are also welcome to reach out to our Director of Instruction directly at

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