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Return to Learn Q and A: August 5, 2020

If you were unable to attend the Return to Learn Zoom Q and A with Superintendent Tom DeKeyser, you can check it out below. Still have a question you would like answered? Email Tom DeKeyser at

2 responses to “Return to Learn Q and A: August 5, 2020

  1. What does online academy look like for 7th. I would perfer to do the first semester online for my son who has asthma. He also reciveces an IEP every year and requires so many hours of help with a SE teacher. What will that look like for children that utilize this? Also will they be provided the things they will need to succeed in the online program?

    1. Hi Kayleen, thanks for the comment and reaching out. We have forwarded your questions to Superintendent DeKeyser and our Director of Student Services, Melissa Heuker.

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