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News and Notes

News and Notes 7.2

Tom DeKeyser, Superintendent

WLPS was saddened to learn that one of our bus drivers passed away over the weekend.  John Westover, “purple bus”, died unexpectedly in his sleep while at home.  Staff substitutes were placed on the buses and students were informed of Mr. Westover’s passing.  Professional staff was also made available to work with any student who expressed concerns or grief.

We are devastated by this tragic loss to his family and to his coworkers who cherished his good-natured approach to life.  John did just about everything he could for WLPS.  When he wasn’t driving, he helped with cleaning or snow plowing…he embodied the spirit of what it takes to make a small district successful.
John’s family is hosting a celebration of his life this Saturday at The Bobber Down from 2PM to 7PM.
The WLPS staff is so appreciative of the work our Transportation Department does.  Please work with us as we navigate the loss of a friend but also work to find a replacement.  Bus drivers are in short supply nowadays.  Field trips and athletics might be impacted as WLPS searches for more employees in this critical area.
We are starting week 3 of our Return to Learn plan.  No cases of COVID to report, thankfully.  We continue to be appreciative of the work our teachers and staff perform, as well as the support of our parents and students.  Below are some building updates:
Next week, grades 7-12 will have a full-day in-person schedule. Students will be assigned to either A-lunch (eating before 4th hour) or B-lunch (eating after 4th hour). Lunch will look different. Students will be assigned to either the cafeteria or the gym to eat lunch. No cash will be accepted by our food service staff; students will be expected to show student IDs or know their ID number to make a purchase from the cafeteria. You can learn more about lunch and other important information in this week’s parent letter from WLMS/HS Building Principal, Jill Henry. 
Review this week’s WLES Weekly Update for important information and reminders for students in K-6.
September 11 is always a time for reflection and remembrance.  Please take a moment to praise the people who put others first.  WLPS is proud to be a part of this community.  Today is a great day to live in a free country, and it’s a great day to be a Trojan.
Tom DeKeyser

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