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Great Meals Great Minds

Family Resources

Whitmore Lake Public Schools Family Food Resources

There are great resources available to keep your family healthy and well fed. Below you will find a list of the top resources to reference for any food or nutrition information.

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Summer Feeding Program Family Resource

The Summer Feeding Program exists to ensure children from lower-income families are able to have nutritious meals during the long summer break. To find out more about this program explore the links below.

Meet Up and Eat Up Location Finder

Healthy Meals = Healthy Students

Whitmore Lake Public Schools is committed to providing healthy meals to all
of our students. The District is forming a Wellness Committee to evaluate and
update current goals and school health policies.

The Wellness Committee invites representatives from all school buildings,
parents/guardians, students, food service representatives, physical and health
education teachers, and community members. The Board encourages
community participation in the Wellness Committee. If you are interested in
joining our Wellness Committee by emailing

Current Wellness Policy

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