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2018 Sinking Fund
2018 WLPS Sinking Fund - Technology / Safety / Repairs

At WLPS, we strive to provide exceptional and personalized education to empower individuals to understand, contribute to, and succeed in a diverse, rapidly changing society.

Limited funding challenges our ability to upgrade technology essential to our students’ ability to learn, make necessary changes to make our campuses safer, and maintain our buildings to retain their integrity.

You Spoke, We Listened:

We spent this past winter engaging with staff, students, parents, and the community to better understand our needs throughout the district and how to address them. Through community forums, online surveys, and strategic planning sessions, you spoke and we listened. Based on the priorities identified, Superintendent Tom DeKeyser recommended this last spring that the Board of Education place a sinking fund on the August 7th, 2018 ballot as a funding source for technological, safety, facility repair, and maintenance needs. A sinking fund is a school revenue account designated for school building renovation and major repairs, as well as technology purchases.

2018 WLPS Sinking Fund - The Need - Technology

The Need


  • Most labs were built 10-15 years ago
  • 50% of devices are 10+ years old
  • No funding for a replacement plan for technology. The last large technology purchase was made as part of the 2003 bond
2018 WLPS Sinking Fund - The Need - Safety


  • WLES entrance and lobby need entryway security systems installed to meet current safety standards
  • Security cameras and servers are 10+ years old and need to be replaced
2018 WLPS Sinking Fund - The Need - Repairs

Repairs & Maintenance

  • WLHS heat pumps and HVAC equipment are 12+ years old
    • Normal equipment lifespan is 10-15 years. At $10k per unit, and with 25 units in the building, if 4 or 5 go down this cost the equivalent of a WLPS classroom teacher
  • WLES heating and cooling systems are decades old and are repaired on almost a daily basis
  • Parking lots are in need of major repairs

The Plan

WLPS is asking voters to approve 1 Mill for 10 years as a continuation of the 2016 three-year sinking fund. On a house worth $150,000, 1 Mill levied equates to $75 per year, or $6.25 per month ($1.00 on $1,000 of taxable value). The sinking fund will produce approximately $350,000 per year. The tax would be levied from 2018 through 2027. If passed, WLPS will not collect the final third year of the 2016 sinking fund.

The 2018 sinking fund is simply a continuation of the 2016 sinking fund approved by voters. NO TAX RATE INCREASE WILL RESULT FROM THE 2018 SINKING FUND.


The sinking fund will replace extremely outdated classroom devices and secure funding for a replacement plan to ensure we are proactively meeting our students’ learning needs for years to come. In addition, it will allow us to update classroom technology such as projectors, smart boards, teacher computers, sound systems, and theater technology including lighting, microphones, and soundboards, essential to our fine arts programs.

Safety & Security

The sinking fund will be invested in safety systems such as updated security cameras, entrance cameras, and the redesign and renovation of the elementary school entrance to make it safer and more secure.

Facility Repairs

The sinking fund will also address the natural aging of our buildings, allowing us to maintain the integrity of our indoor and outdoor facilities including the campus grounds.

The Alternative

If the Trojan community decides not to invest in a sinking fund to address critical district-wide needs, the likely outcome is that cuts will be made to educational programs. Dollars from the general fund will be diverted away from the classroom to maintain, repair, and replace technology, security, and facilities. In 2017/2018 alone, over $69,000 has been spent on repairs from the current sinking fund, so that we did not have to take the funds out of the general fund.

What’s Next?

In order to continue to inform the Whitmore Lake community about this sinking fund proposal, our faculty will be providing additional resources and hosting informational events throughout the coming weeks to help answer any questions you may have. But first, we want to tell you about what we have accomplished so far in improving the facilities and educational experience for our students.

Sinking Fund Accomplishments:

This Past Year:

  • Repaired heating, cooling, and water systems at all buildings
  • Installed cost-saving, low energy LED lights to our most high-cost areas
  • Resurfaced the WLHS Track
  • Addressed drainage issues at all WLHS ball fields

This Summer:

  • Secure entryways at WLHS
  • Build new WLES playground
  • Repair WLES east parking lot

Next Year:

  • Continued repairs to all facilities (bleachers, theater seating)

ALWAYS Providing Exceptional Education:

  • 6th Advanced Placement course coming to WLHS this year
  • 20:1 average student to teacher ratio in early elementary
  • 16:1 average student to teacher ratio in middle and high school
  • Mandarin Chinese classes offered to grades K-2nd
  • New Project-Based Learning Program for upper elementary classes
  • Read Superintendent Tom DeKeyser’s News and Notes Blog for regular WLPS updates
2018 WLPS Sinking Fund - List of Accomplishments

WLPS Fund Balance

Achieving Fiscal Responsibility and Stability:

WLPS has saved $5 million in taxpayer money through refinancing in the past three years. Additionally, we have continued to grow the balance of our general fund over the past several years to ensure financial stability. Specifically, we have increased our general fund by over $837,000, which is reserved for innovations to our academic curriculum such as adding Mandarin Chinese to the WLES curriculum and expanding our AP class offering at WLHS.

2018 WLPS Sinking Fund - Fund Balance Bar Graph
2018 WLPS Sinking Fund - Technology / Safety / Repairs

Learn More About the Sinking Fund:

  • Read the FAQs
  • Tune into a Facebook Live Q and A with Superintendent Tom DeKeyser on June 20, 6:30 p.m. and August 1, 6:30 p.m.


Every day is a great day to be a Trojan. With the support of our community, staff, students, and parents we are confident that will not change in the years to come.


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