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2023 Operating Millage

Operating Millage Lost Revenue

Due to the changes in property value, the current operating millage has eroded over time and will continue to do so. If it is not reinstated to the 18 mils for 10 years, WLPS faces the loss of over $400,000 over 5 years*.

graph of lost revenue

*Based on an average headlee millage reduction fraction of 0.9863

2023 operating millage

At WLPS we strive to provide exceptional and personalized education to empower individuals to understand, contribute to, and succeed in a diverse, rapidly changing society.

Our Operating Millage is essential to us fulfilling our mission. In the State of Michigan, 18 mill Operating Millages are required by law for school districts to receive full per-student funding from the State.

The Ask
We are asking WLPS district residents to vote on reinstating our operating millage to the full 18 mils for 10 years with a 3-mill hedge to mitigate tax erosion as property values change.

A YES vote will will get us back to full-funding for 10 years.

A No vote reduces state funding WLPS receives by over $400k over 5 years*

2023 WLPS Sinking Fund - The Need - Technology

What You Need to Know

Primary residences are NOT TAXED with this 10-year millage. Only businesses and second homes/property are impacted.

2023 WLPS Sinking Fund - The Need - Safety

This millage pays for essential day-to-day operations from teacher salaries to building utilities. Without it, WLPS will lose over $400k in funding over 5 years*

2023 WLPS Sinking Fund - The Need - Repairs

This is nothing new. The last time voters renewed an operating millage for WLPS was in 2016. However, that operating millage has eroded to 17.9485 and will continue to decrease as property values change. A yes vote will get WLPS back to an 18 mill millage–back to full funding for 10 years.

The Alternative

If the Trojan community decides to not approve the Operating Millage to mitigate the loss of $400k over 5 years, the likely outcome is cuts will need to be made to educational programs. Dollars from our general fund will be diverted away from the classroom to maintain operational expenses to make up for the reduced revenue.

What’s Next?

2023 operating millage

Learn more about the Operating Millage and spread the word


Every day is a great day to be a Trojan. With the support of our community, staff, students, and parents we are confident that will not change in the years to come.


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